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Tim Andrew:
 :o If you are an avid follower of the messageboard you can view a cut down version.

It's a lightening fast, text only version with tiny file sizes, so won't eat up your mobile browsing quota or cost you a fortune. You can even post and reply to messages.

I suggest you click on the "unread posts" link and bookmark that in your phone to just see the latest messages that you haven't already read at home.

3 different versions to suit your taste:;imode;wap;wap2

Hi Tim. I tried this and got a German site saying domain was available is it definitely What am I doin wrong please? Thanks VJ

Tim Andrew:
Hi VJ. Technology has moved on and everyone has smartphones now so the mobile phone version on is fairly irrelevant, so I decided to stop paying for that domain name.

however, you can still go direct to the same content using these URLs and its really fast as it's text only (wap2 is best compromise):;imode;wap;wap2

Ah ok thanks for clarifying Tim. VJ

Dear Tim

How do I put a photograph onto your website to show Alice Saunders (nee Newton of the Newton family, all of Brill), born in Brill, with Kate Penney Newman (nee Saunders), whose husband was James Saunders of the GWR (Superintendent of the Special Police) please?  James Saunders' parents were also James Saunders and his wife was Kezia(h), nee Tooley, of Brill also.

I am still researching my line of the Saunders family that originated from Brill from 1841.  My ancestors were James and Kezia(h) (nee Tooley), Saunders,  then respectively James and Alice (nee Newton), Saunders, James and Kate (nee Newman), William Lionel and Jessie (my grandparents), and Derek my father) and Geoffrey Saunders.

James Saunders (great grandfather), his son William Lionel, and also Geoffrey and Derek Saunders all worked for the GWR, then respectively British Railways.  James Saunders was the Superintendent of the Special Police of the GWR for 40 years.  His son William Lionel worked at Paddington, and William's sons Derek and Geoffrey (Detective Inspector), worked at Paddington and Marylebone offices respectively.

James Saunders' brothers (George, Arthur, Walter, William), worked for the Maidenhead Iron Foundry, then his son (also William H.), moved this to Black Rock in Brighton (now Brighton Marina).  They made many gothic ironwork pieces, including ornamental iron gates for Roedean School, Brighton Library, Royal Pavilion, Christ's Hospital, Brighton Musem and also the original gothic iron gates for the Paramount Studios in the USA.  The originals are now owned by a The Royal Scotsman B&B, in Salt lake City, Utah, in America.

If anyone has any more information on my family history, as at least 4 generations came from Brill, Buckinghamshire, I would be extremely pleased to hear from you.  Also, if either Kim Saunders or family can supply any more information on this particular branch of the family, I would be extremely grateful to them.

I did come to Brill a few year's ago for the Beer Festivel, but alas did not manage to catch up with any contacts; however it was a good day.

Thank you very much.

Alison Tessier


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