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FAQ - Posting events to the Calendar - please read!


Tim Andrew:
Hi - Here are the steps required to post an event to the Calendar:

Obviously, you must have registered already with the messageboard

To add a Calendar event, go to:
1 -
2 - click on "Post Event" at bottom of page
3 - Write something brief like "Quiz night at xxxxx Pub at 7pm" in the Event Title box (up to 30 characters long)
4 - select correct date/month/year
5 - UNcheck the box "Link Event To Post"  if there's not much to say about the event
6 - click Post - that's it
(if you have a regular event, you'll have to do this repeatedly, but it's suprisingly quick to do - Just click back on your browser and change the date , then click "post" again)

NOW if you wanted to say more about an event. This is a good idea as your item will appear in pole position on the HOME page!
5 - CHECK the box "Link Event To Post"
6 - select the message area you want the event to be linked to by clicking "Post to" and selecting "Brilltalk - Calendar" (it should be selected already)
7 - Fill in a subject and describe your event in the large text area (you can attach a picture/poster by clicking "browse" near the bottom of the page)
8 - Click "Post" - that's it!

If your post/message already exists anywhere on the messageboard and you think it should be linked to the calendar
1 - Click on message to get the full message content
2 - Look towards bottom of the page; there's a strip of buttons. Click on "Link to Calendar"
3 - On next page fill in "Event title"
4 - select correct date/month/year
5 - click "Save"

Remember that if you want to edit an entry later, go to the calendar and click the little PENCIL next to the event.

Thanks and happy posting!!!

Tim Andrew:

--- Quote from: D.Shill on December 03, 2009, 04:37:58 AM ---Is there a way to make events read-only so that other subscribers can view my event only - not make changes to them?

--- End quote ---
Hi, only you (and I as webmaster) can modify your own event.

Tim Andrew:

--- Quote from: AnypeGek73 on December 04, 2009, 11:51:34 PM ---I love this calendar, however I would like to see larger fonts on the 'day' view and be able to print it with larger fonts also.  I can and have changed the fonts, but it is only for the single day I am working with.  I would like my selections to be the default for any day I want to print up.  Can this be done?


--- End quote ---
I'm sorry, none of this is possible as far as I know.

Tim Andrew:
Here's how to add a poster for your Brill Village event to the Home page and Calendar!

STAGE 1 - adding a poster to the website

Go to;sa=add;cat=13

type an appropriate title in the "Title" box

click on "Browse" button to find and upload your poster from your computer

click "Add Picture" at bottom of page

You've now added a poster to the Brill Village home page. But it will need to be approved before you can go to stage 2. You can speed up approval by sending me a quick email to approve my poster on Brill Calendar Gallery

STAGE 2 - Linking your poster to the Calendar

go to

click on the title of your message. This will take you to your message

click on "Link to Calendar" which is near the bottom of the page - the page will re-load

now fill in the "Event Title" box & correct the month & date to the right (if the event lasts more than 1 day correct that too)

click on "Save" at the bottom of the page

That's it, check for mistakes on the home page and the Calendar please.

(You can correct any mistakes by going back to your message and clicking "modify" on the right about 1/3rd of the way down the page. Get to your message via the Calendar or website home page)


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