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Tim Andrew:
Hi and welcome :)
You have to register to post messages.  Then choose a board to post to. If in doubt use the General Discussion board and I can move the message if it's in the wrong place.

Please introduce yourself after you have registered (click here;board=1.0). It's good manners and will let people know what your connection with or interest in Brill is. It will also make the messageboard system more familiar to you. Members who do not introduce themselves may find their membership suspended. Thanks

How do you post a message? click on the "New Topic" button (see pic below) towards the top on the right, but you need to have chosen a board first from the Home page of messageboard:

Tim Andrew:
Please do not "shout" when writing your messages. "Shouting" is when you USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS in your message, which is unnecessary and is considered rude online.

Tim Andrew:
Hi All. Can all new users of this messageboard please use a real name when registering. It's fine to use a nickname(username) for your posts as long as your real full name is in your profile. The reason for this is to not get confusion over similar names, and to discourage impolite or mischievous messages.
Thanks yrs Tim

I should explain, that when you register, if you use a real name as "Username" you then go to Profile>Modify Profile>Account Related Settings and put your nickname in the "Name" box (which becomes your "Display Name" (or use this link;u=1;sa=account. Hope you are not too confused by this!

Tim Andrew:
Hi, here's how to add a pic to your message.

Click the BROWSE button just below the message writing box

It currently needs to be under 2 megabytes file size.

If you are not sure how to reduce a pic to that file size here's an ultra simple program (for PC users) use the smallest size option 640x480 (brilliant for emailing pix too!)

Hope this helps!

Another useful link is the

'view most recent posts on the forum' link

To find it get to the 'Brill Messageboard' homepage by clicking a link of the same name. As indicated in the picture below you'll find the link under 'Forum Stats'.

Click this and save to favourites and it will give you a quick look at all recent messages from any category.



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