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Please help - Lost Ipad
« on: April 21, 2015, 06:37:52 PM »
May I ask the good people of Brill to please help us recover our lost Ipad. My wife and I attended a local  wedding on Saturday 4th April at the Pheasant Inn.  We returned on Sunday to spend time with the newlyweds (whom we are sure locals will know!). Unfortunately somewhere between  the Pheasant Inn  and the High Street it just "disappeared"  It might just have been possible for someone to come across an Ipad (in a black leather fold- out cover/case).  Please please, if you or  someone you know has come across it we would much appreciate it's return. It has many many photos of our grandchildren and we are anxious not lose them. We have notified the local Police Station who would be grateful for any information leading to its return. Anyone coming across it can contact the police or indeed us via our email address or pop in and see Jerina or James who have our contact details. Please help..... Thank you so much. Ann  and  George Perry