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Bee Swarm Information
« on: March 23, 2014, 02:19:17 PM »
Dear Parish Clerk

I am writing to request you help in raising awareness of the importance of honey bee swarms.

I am writing to you because

         Your community falls within the area covered by Mid Bucks Beekeepers Association

         Or is very close to the area

         Or we have a member who lives in your community

          or we have collected a swarm from your vicinity in recent years.

I am the current swarm officer for MBBKA and along with members of other local bee keeping associations, as part of a national initiative,  well will collect and re-house honey bee swarms free of charge.

I attach a PDF document and would ask you if you will be kind enough to place it on your website and print it off and display amongst your notices.

I apologise if you have been sent this more than once in error, although I note that in some cases you may be the clerk of several different councils.


Many thanks for your help

Brian Bush (MBBKA Swarm Officer)