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Bells & Clock Appeal
« on: December 03, 2013, 11:15:13 AM »
Target reached!

We have raised well over our target, so the new ropes can now be ordered and the clock repairs started. We hope that the hour chimes on the clock will be heard again before the year is out.
A very big thank you to everyone who donated so generously to the appeal.

Our target was £4400 by the end of the year. Here's how the figures look now::

              Target:  £4400                               Sum raised: £4731.17

Thank you!

Charles Wheatley
62 Windmill Street, Brill, HP18 9TG

Technical Information - What work needs doing?

The Clock
You have probably noticed that the church clock hasnít been chiming the hours for some time and that the quarter hours have been a little eccentric. This is because the cable to the main tenor bell broke in June. When the bells were serviced last summer it was also revealed that the clock cables had become slack and distorted and that some linkages were half worn through. The bell hammers need overhauling and the hammer wires need to be replaced.
The toller mechanism for the hour chimes, which uses a count wheel to control the number of chimes, also needs replacing. The new system will incorporate a unit operated via a controller and interface. The unit picks up the signal from microswitches, thus allowing the motors to run at the specific times dictated by the controller. The latter has an in-built quartz electronic clock which gives accurate time for the strikes. This type of system has been installed in numerous towers in the UK and has proved to be a reliable solution when the ordinary system has failed
The work will cost about £3200.

The Bells
The ropes are nearly 30 years old and are coming towards the end of their useful working life. We now need to replace all six of these to ensure that the bells are kept ringing for the next 30 plus years.
With this in mind we have obtained quotes for a new set of six ropes, which take approximately six months to manufacture from date of order and will cost us between £1400 and £1600.
Looking further into the future, we would like to start to build a fund for future refurbishment of the bells as the last major work took place in 1933. This is likely to involve removal of the bells from the tower for refurbishment, along with the frames, wheels, pulleys etc. Work for this will cost a minimum of £25,000.
We already have a bells fund thanks to a legacy from Ben Sidley. There is about £2300 in this account.

Charles Wheatley      
Peter Symes
Peter Nicholas

For further information you can contact me  on     01844 237102
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